Caregiver services


The best hourly rates in industry

They only bill for the hours worked and not the sleep hours in this flat-rate daily program. This flat rate method is cheaper than the hourly rate. A caregiver is allowed to work for no more than five consecutive days. The caregiver can maintain a good professional relationship and be able to stay current and help. They offer compassionate, affordable care that is personalized and compassionate without the need for deposits or contracts.

Senior caregivers at Phoenix provide in-home care with dignity and respect. They are respected and trusted employees. Every employee is required to complete background checks and check their criminal records. To improve their skills, they are offered continuing education classes and training. They are committed and have worked for over seven years.

They are protected by workers’ compensation and bonded against theft, so there is no concern for financial mishaps. They are your privileged guests who will attend to all your needs and engage your loved ones with activities that keep them physically and mentally active, stimulated and happy.
This is a rare job that brings out the best in people. It also has its challenges and rewards. They are great people that build lasting relationships and bring joy to you and your family. Each client is assigned a Care Coordinator who matches their needs and provides the appropriate care provider. Elder care is a labor that requires a special person who has the right touch.

Your family can have peace and harmony, and the care providers will help you and your loved one to live independently in privacy and dignity. Together with your family, the Care Coordinator and the top in-home caregiver create the best homecare plan for your long-term health care.

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